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sneak peak Freddy's skin 2 by DeathRage22 sneak peak Freddy's skin 2 by DeathRage22
Okay I fix him up.
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Goblin-Beast Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Beautiful job! Your whole new concept for Freddy's look is really stunning! I love the stone claws and new outfit. :heart:
DeathRage22 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
AAWWW! THANK YOU!:hug::glomp::iconninjaglompplz: His stoneclaw called "demonic fire claw"it's a prototype it was made by my OC bad guy "Sin-e-stith" or "Lord Sin"known as "the lord of fear or pain".(wait hold on, get ready for the story,when how he got it and what is going on)Okay, okay,after Freddy vs Jason moment, the year is 2005. Yes of course Freddy went back to the dream world and back on sqaure one, again. While that happening, Lord Sin travel in time from another planet in the past in year of 1978.(I know it's corny -._-.)The reason why he kidnapped him because he want to use him as a weapon or useing him to read everyone mind to know what their next planing to stop them(Sinners). So of course Freddy is piss about useing him as a weapon or cheat cheat(They give him a code name"Cheat Code" or #142K8"heh,heh get it?") They give him a Spinl Healer(healing factor) and a weapon virus called"Dead Blood"(make you immune to every thing) and finally they give him the stoneclaw that Lord Sin create. When he got the stoneclaw, he sorta reborn he doesn't have burnt skin any more, he's back to him self again.(Boy I could see him happy)Freddy trying to use the sloneclaw against Sin, but Sin wasn't pleased he grab his arm and start to him and useing his fear and pain. Freddy was again burnt alive in pain and went into a comma. 4 years have pass, Freddy in a water tube hook up into machine to read or see everyone plan for the war called (The great plague). They kidnaped Master Pestilence.(okay lets go short) My OC Envy (she have a stoneclaw called Envy claw, was to created by Sin and she is 108 years old and look like 23 years old) she help him ascaped, kill some on the way, run away to snowy cold lands(that how Freddy met his guardian"Skullmark") and finally went to Sparta City. The consols have talk, have plan, have thinking and they finally give him second chance and he have to prove every one that he want a second chance"is doing something right"(it was hard for him, he hate it.But Envy trying to elp him)The Dragon Phoenix Family took both of them under their wing and accepting them in their family. Freddy care about so much for the Dragon Pheonix Family because they care for him, teaching him, training him, showing him the truth and sing him a lullaby every night to go to sleep. Through the years of the great plague war, Freddy was devastated that the Dragon Phoenix Family are losing their family member and lowering their numbers for sacrifice them selves to save the innocence from the Sinners. The good guys are winning the war, but not the Dragon Phoenix Family, there is only "7" of them left. Freddy will do his best to save the Dragon Phoenix Family, if it will kill him, because they did the same for him. Sorry for the long story.
Goblin-Beast Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol it's fine! That's actually a pretty sweet idea. I'm very excited to see where it goes actually. :D Thanks for catching me up! XD
DeathRage22 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
AW! Well of course they trained him to be a assassin, mercenary, bounty hunter, theft, spy and doing a retribution contract. So yeah the counsel want to be fair for Freddy, because they know his whole life is nothing but hate,pain and killing. so why not giving him these jobs and killing the bad guys doing the right thing to forfilled his redemption.(But I am not making he all nice and crud it's not him. He still a jerk, some time quite,useing puns, showing a little bit care, respecting to people who help him or respecting him and get pissed off.) Him and Envy living in the same house before the same Dragon Phoenix Family people died from the war. Markis, a father figure to Freddy and trained him and give Freddy his house, his belongings and weapons. Before markis die, he wrote a will and a letter for Freddy to keep the house because Markis loseing his family, his wife and son died. Freddy is like a son to him.
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